San Francisco Couples & Individual Counseling

Dr. Pearlyn Goodman-Herrick and Jonathan Goodman-Herrick, LCSW share a common goal in our work: help you as their client find harmony within yourself as well as between yourself and your partner.

We prefer to work with individuals and couples who are deeply committed to changing their lives.


Whether it’s for your marriage or for any important relationship, we take great pleasure in helping those who seem otherwise hopelessly stuck to become free. And equal pleasure in helping relatively successful relationships reach a much deeper, richer level.

We view relationship as perhaps the most fulfilling – and difficult – of all human experiences, and can provide tools and knowledge to optimize success.

While employing many techniques, we rely on two essential factors:

• You – your natural inner resources and willingness to change.

• Ourselves – our relational skills, professional observations, intuition, creative strategies and sense of humor.

We approach each couple and individual gently and without judgment, yet we are very pro-active in helping you attain your goals. (We discourage couples from sitting on our couch and arguing. You can do that at home for free!)

We offer in-person, telephone, Skype and facetime sessions, as well as group therapy and weekend intensives for improving relational skills.